Tuesday, 1 July 2014

How to Build a Sound Interpersonal Relationship

To survive in today’s society, it is really important to have a good relationship with each other. Interpersonal relationship is nothing but one’s ability to relate with other people. Interacting, understanding and communicating are the three major aspects of building a sound interpersonal relationship. Relationship either in personal life or professional life does affect the progress of an individual, and an organization as a whole. It can be your family relations or a customer relationship with your client or customer. Even in the organization you work for, you have to interact with people, understand them, and communicate effectively to get things done. The criterion of relationship comes into picture everywhere in one’s life, from your child hood to the end of your life. So, let us look into the aspects of building a strong interpersonal relationship.

Depending on the situation and its significance, always learn to smile for starting a healthy relationship. The first time you meet your client or any person who is familiar or unfamiliar, smile, it is the first step in relationship building, which conveys your positive attitude towards the relationship. Being honest and true every time may not be possible at all odd times but, being so at important times will win you the trust of other person. Whenever it is a challenging situation, truth is the only way to hold it then, it is better to be truthful and honest in sharing opinions or thoughts.

To win the other person around it is really important to understand their opinions, feelings or concerns. One has to be a good listener to understand other person better. For example, if you want to have the benefit of profits in business, how will you achieve that without knowing the needs of your customer? What is the use when you produce a quality product which is of no use to him? Listening to his need is important. If you respond to his need, then you will not only have the benefit of profits but also can have the customer satisfaction, as a result of which, you can even win their hearts. So is the relationship, it is really important to listen to the other person, if you have to understand and respond to him. Listen to them without switching the topic or use any kind of diversions. Be fair enough in paying attention. This would add a genuine weight to your relationship, result it in a better and a stronger bond. You can notice that every time they need something, they will try to reach you out. Once the customer or the person is happy and satisfied, one can see their willingness to get back again and again. Don’t be rude or snap someone to submission in a dialogue. This will affect your relation very badly and may lead to a total loss both personally and professionally in your business. Think win-win and it will surely win you a better relation with profit. Log on to ReKruiTIn for more details regarding maintaining a good relationship.

By ReKruiTIn.com Team