Sunday, 29 September 2013

Conquer your Fear of Rejection

There are few fears in each and every human being. Few fears such as losing something or getting rejected are quite common to many. Getting rejected could be in an interview or in any proposal or anywhere does hurt. Once this fear of rejection gets a toll of you then the next step you take is to avoid all the circumstances that will lead you to rejection. It could be in your personal life or in your career prospective; this fear can lead to disasters in your life. Conquer your fear of rejection is the way to progress in life.

Let us speak about getting rejected in an interview. Rejection is not just painful but also comes to your mind again and again. You might have many sleepless nights also. Sometimes the situation might not be too bad but only because you are rejected, the whole thing might look too big for you. It is the way you mentally deal with this situation is what finally matters. To forget all and move forward is very difficult thing to implement but this is the only way forward. It surely does take time and you will have to try till you can put out this rejection fear out of your mind. One of the best ways to conquer your fear of rejection is to learn from the mistakes you have committed in your previous interview. Even if you think logically, you have a fear because you doubt yourself of answering correctly and are low at confidence. The only way to clear your doubts and boost your confidence is to be better prepared this time.

Making sure you find right answers to the questions you have not answered correctly in previous interviews is the first step towards boosting your self-confidence. Rather than putting the question can I do it, ask why I can’t do it. It’s a difference of a single word but is capable of removing fear from anybody for sure. Seeing yourself in a mirror and saying this can help you even better at times.

Always remember there are two aspects when it comes to conquer your fear of rejection. One aspect deals with gaining better knowledge. The other aspect does deal with improving your self-belief. Combination of these two can only help you to come out of the fear of rejection. A positive thinking mind can also help you in many ways. Might be some better job is waiting for you. Thinking so will not let your morale fall down. Your success will only get sweeter if you achieve it after a failure. And another plus is you will not be afraid of failure as you have already tasted it. So seeing the positive side of rejection will do much good to you than just feeling that it is your failure. Thinking positive is good but this thinking should help you to work harder towards success and not make you complacent. This sought of change in your approach is the way to conquer your fear of rejection.

Thursday, 26 September 2013

Advantages of Recruitment and Selection Process

Recruitment and selection process is nothing but the organization's ability to source employees to improve the quality of its human capital and stand in the competition. This process is carried by the human resource management of that particular organization, where they target to people to get the best quality employees for their organization. There are many advantages of recruitment process.
Most of the employers or recruiters around the world find themselves in many roles while recruiting any employee. For example they act as evaluators, negotiators; psychologist, guide, catalyst etc, etc. An employee or an applicant can learn a lot from the recruiter himself. Which candidate is suitable for which profile should be kept in mind while selecting. In the process of selection both the recruiter and the applicant gets to learn from each other. End of the day recruiters are the one who stand responsible for choosing the best candidate for their organization. They make the deals happen and change the lives of the betterment of organization and its people. Their function is to know the entire recruitment process. The better they understand, the better they perform. One gets a chance to earn respect and win the hearts of the managers/ CEOs of the organization if they perform well and recruit the best people for their clients making them happy and getting more reference for services from your company. The recruitment process helps students, candidates or employees to coach themselves in attending interviews. How well can they conduct themselves through a selection process confidently can be seen, when they implement their learning’s. The recruiter has the ability to switch himself into any kind of role maximizing their earning potential. They have the advantage of analyzing the facts like what went right and what went wrong. Keeping those factors in mind they can work towards the positive aspects of selection process and work to perform better. When they notice the wrong side of the process in different situations, they have the opportunity to get the process corrected for the next time. This leads to a better response and impacts the selection process too.

This is one such process, where one gets to the opportunity to understand the candidate better and analyze them correctly. Here one can help their fellow assistants as well. They can be guided well with the experience gained by the other person. Learning each and every aspect of the emotions, psychology, and rationality can be done through this process. Makes him aware of what exactly is needed to fulfill those needs for the placement. When people learn this they become one among “GO TO” guy in any case of difficulties. Shuffling people into the right band for the right chair is the best part of the recruiter. He is wise enough to understand the role required for the job places people quickly and plays a major role indirectly affecting the productivity of the organization. They break the ice and get people to start talking and bring out their hidden qualities. Log on to for more details.

Monday, 23 September 2013

Cultivating abundant Mentality

In today world we expect that we need to have everything in abundance, when we hope for this, it is natural that we have to have an elaborate thinking and have to accept things in a positive way, for making this possible we have to have to cultivate abundant mentality within ourselves. A mentality that is confined and limited will take you nowhere but only to a place of frustration, ego and negativism. But alternatively if you flexible and open to things in the optimist way and develop a multitude of mentality you will reach peak in life, be it with your job sphere or your personal sphere. You have abundant wealth, health and happiness that surround you, but the only thing is that you have to tap this hidden source and try to make the maximum benefit from them.

The recent topic that is running in the mind of many youth these days is the pressure of getting a job, a good job will take you to heights and a bad job will take up to a phase of depression and pressurize you to a huge extent. To get a good job you can refer to, this is the best online partner to gives connection to the employers with their potential employees.  When competition is fierce, never worry about the battle, but be focused on your goal and try to achieve it by putting your fullest, only self promotion will be helpful to cultivate abundant mentality. Some of the ways to increase or cultivate this ability are:

1.      You have to relevant and real when it comes to taking any decision, you should not boast yourself and inflate things that are beyond what they are. You have to be always aware of the things happening around you and discuss things that are needed with the professional person before you make any decision.
2.      To become successful you have to create an image, a positive and best one that every people will thrive to mimic off.  You have to be recognized by your acts and deeds and this will help you to earn a good reputation and image.
3.      The next hard but truthful thing is to always confess your failure or negative nature, failures are stepping stone of success and hence if you are in this tragic path of failure, try to handle it a positive way and even great leaders have faced initially this concept of failure before they reached success. Things are best learnt in hardship and failure is one such hardship. Confess this frankly as this will take you to the path of success tomorrow. By admitting your mistake you never become small, but in fact you are making yourself versatile and better.
The next step to enhance your mentality is to share your ability, this will help you to get a positive nature, and reach your ambitions and achieve your goals. Many people prefer to keep their ability and accomplishment with themselves but this will not be a positive attitude. If you let know to others you can be learn many more things. 

Saturday, 14 September 2013

5 Ways to help you get an Employee

Are you new to the field of business? Wondering what would it take to run your organization? Setting up a new branch in a different city? It might be a bit difficult in finding a potential employee, especially for those companies which are new to business. Unless or until any kind of special facilities are provided there won’t be much turn out. If the company is well and good to sustain this fact and implement it then it is fair enough, but, one needs to find assistance in finding out the right employee for their organization. Every company has some requirements and different needs. Depending on their need they will hire the employees.

1.      Out Sourcing / Professional Recruitment Agencies: Since the company is new to this field of recruitment, one can go for recruitment consultancies or top job sites in India which offer such services. Outsourcing is one of the best methods to get things done. As they have been in this field for quite a long time, it is easy for them to assess which person is suitable to what kind of job. They can manage your accounts; get you candidates for any kind of recruitment is it national or international level etc at an affordable price. They indeed stand responsible for hiring the candidate, thus playing an efficient role. Depending on the economy of company and positions of recruitment, a company is charged for getting the right candidates.

2.      Recruitment through Online for best jobs in India: One can even opt for choosing the right candidate online. It is one of the best and cheapest methods of finding the employees. Thanks to today’s technology, world has become a global village. There are number of job portals available online. A company can register or post an ad in accordance with their requirement of candidates. In fact there are many benefits of online recruitment. Hiring an expert consultant for hiring will leave the company with benefit of getting employees at a faster pace and a vast geography can be covered through this. Hence you can focus on the business while the recruitment gets done under an expert.

3.      Head hunting: This one such method where the employer acquires candidates through lot of home work and research. They call potential candidates based on their experience and potential and convince them for an interview at a particular company. They hunt for professionals who have skills, and exposure to field work. A lot of detailing, money and time are put by the agencies to hire such employees.

4.      Reference for freshers’ jobs in India: one can use their social or professional contacts for hiring people for the right chair. This way one can have the elaborate view of availability of candidates and save the expenses too.

5.      Print media: if one has ample of time for hiring the right candidate for the right chair then, they can go for print media and get applications from the candidate itself. Log on to for more details.

Monday, 9 September 2013

How to write your Resume

Are you a fresher? Or are you a person with quite an efficiency and eager to look in for new opportunities? Wondering what might it take to get yourself a decent job worth your qualification? Desperate to get into a job, you are looking for at all costs? Want to be seated in a right chair, for the rest of your life and prove yourself capable and profitable to an employer? Then here is the answer resume writing! Most of the people in the world are confused about presenting their resume or how to write their resume? Let’s know what actually a resume is? A resume is nothing but summary of your experiences and skills you possess, in relevance to the field of work or study that you wish to enter. It helps you in highlighting your accomplishments and achievements until then, with a detailed list of qualifications you posses required for the job.
Resume is the one which leaves an impact over the minds of the employers, even before you present yourself before them. So, make sure that the impact you leave on them is positive, for which you need to have some basic knowledge on how to write your resume? When you start writing your resume, think for a second about the job you’re applying for. Like what are its requirements, qualifications, skills, experience etc, etc. Do remember that you’re resume is typically your first opportunity to introduce, impress and sell yourself to the employer, such that he is pleased by your value proposition and you get hired. So, make sure you keep it precise and simple to the point.

The first section of your resume should contain information like, your full name, address, contact numbers, and a few brief lines about you. If you are a fresher, then go for putting up details about your educational qualifications right after your career objective. Mention about your key skills and other accomplishments in the coming paragraph. See that whatever qualifications you possess are relevant to your job profile or not. Later, make a note that you high light the particular certification/ qualification that is required by the employer.  Search for common key words that are commonly used for job descriptions related to your profession or industry. Coming to the conclusion, mention about your interests, hobbies and your goals. See that the presentation is apt and clear. Check that there are no spelling mistakes or grammatical errors in any of the papers f your resume. Everything you mention on write in your resume is noticed by the employer, and also gets noted in the database. So, make sure that you don’t mention any fake or false certifications.

By the time the employer comes to the end of your resume, present it in such a manner that it leaves them with an impression that you are indeed serious about that job, apt and appropriate person for it. Express your keen interest and what you love to do in your professional life and get hired for what you are!