Friday, 30 August 2013

5 Ways to help you get a Job

There are actually many ways to get the right job, it will not even take hardly a month or so to get placed in an appropriate job, but the job which you take up needs to be rewarding and it should also be able to make you get recognized for your talent. If you really want to get a job in a simple and quick way, here are some 5 ways to help you get a job:

1.      The Recent trend or the latest way to get a job is to make an online search; the Rekruitin is one online top job sites in India that will connect the employer with the employee and help them get the best output. This online posting will help you to find jobs in India and with this you can land up to hundreds of best jobs in India.  When you apply online you will be highly benefitted as you get an opportunity to have a direct link with the employer and you will be able to get your job within the shortest time period. There are many popular sites like the Rekruitin which will give you this recognition. If you are a fresher and want to get placed immediately after your studies, and then this online search is the best way as you can filter your search based on fresher’s jobs in India and you will land in between diverse employers offering you this fresher job.
2.      The days of the mediators or the agency is long gone and you are in the highly technological computer world, so make you of the internet and the web to get you a good posting, if you are looking out for job vacancy in Pune, then you should know that there are lots of such Pune job openings that will give you an access with just mouse click.
3.      Newspaper are also another way to get you connected with the right employer, these days the jobs classified have many filtered categories and you can look out for job recruitment in Mumbai if you are keen for a job recruitment, many of the applicants are able to access the job postings to any corner of the country by merely looking out for jobs from the newspaper.
4.      The other best way to get a job is to make a personal visit, you may have received this piece of information by way of verbal communication or someone would have recommended you for the job and hence you have to make a personal visit and look out for jobs and this is called as direct face to face interview.
5.      The other method is the Fax method, this may seem to be traditional and the old type of job search, in this method of job hunt you will have to Google and search on the key field using company or firm name, city, state etc. normally all the companies will not hesitate to disclose their fax numbers.

If you are looking out for ways to get the best jobs try the above mentioned five ways and also visit and get placed with top notch companies. 

Thursday, 22 August 2013

Five Ways to Hire Quality Candidate

Are you new to the field of business? Wondering what would it take to run your organization? Setting up a new branch in a different city? It might be a bit difficult in finding a potential employee, especially for those companies which are new to business. Unless or until any kind of special facilities are provided there won’t be much turn out. If the company is well and good to sustain this fact and implement it then it is fair enough, but, one needs to find assistance in finding out the right employee for their organization. Every company has some requirements and different needs. Depending on their need they will hire the employees
1.   Out Sourcing / Professional Recruitment Agencies: Since the company is new to this field of recruitment, one can go for recruitment consultancies or top job sites in India which offer such services. Outsourcing is one of the best methods to get things done. As they have been in this field for quite a long time, it is easy for them to assess which person is suitable to what kind of job. They can manage your accounts; get you candidates for any kind of recruitment is it national or international level etc at an affordable price. They indeed stand responsible for hiring the candidate, thus playing an efficient role. Depending on the economy of company and positions of recruitment, a company is charged for getting the right candidates.

2.     Recruitment through Online for best jobs in India: One can even opt for choosing the right candidate online. It is one of the best and cheapest methods of finding the employees. Thanks to today’s technology, world has become a global village. There are number of job portals available online. A company can register or post an ad in accordance with their requirement of candidates. In fact there are many benefits of online recruitment. Hiring an expert consultant for hiring will leave the company with benefit of getting employees at a faster pace and a vast geography can be covered through this. Hence you can focus on the business while the recruitment gets done under an expert.

3.      Head hunting: This one such method where the employer acquires candidates through lot of home work and research. They call potential candidates based on their experience and potential and convince them for an interview at a particular company. They hunt for professionals who have skills, and exposure to field work. A lot of detailing, money and time are put by the agencies to hire such employees.

4.      Reference for freshers’ jobs in India: one can use their social or professional contacts for hiring people for the right chair. This way one can have the elaborate view of availability of candidates and save the expenses too.

5.      Print media: if one has ample of time for hiring the right candidate for the right chair then, they can go for print media and get applications from the candidate itself. Log on to for more details.

Monday, 12 August 2013

Why is Personality Development so Important?

In today’s world of competition, one can’t survive with skill or talent alone. One has to possess a good personality which would lead you to the ladder of success. Did you ever think why most of the organizations around the world offer personality development training to their employee’s? Why can’t people in an organization develop a liking for their egoistic boss or team lead or even tolerate a skilled employee?  Why a society or family is affected by an individual behavior? They say it’s all about personality that one possesses! Before discussing the fact why personality development is so important? The role it plays, and its effects, let us have some briefing about personality.

Personality of an individual is nothing but an aggregate conglomeration of the decisions one has made through their entire life and the memory of experiences to which these decisions have led. There are many factors which influence and contribute to our personality. They may be inherent natural, genetic, or environmental. In fact personality adds colors to the values, beliefs and expectations of people. Coming to the importance of it, it plays a crucial role in your successful career. One should have a charismatic personality to get going in today’s world. No one is born perfect. Personality of an individual is developed since he is a child. Since the day one of the school a child is put to personality development. The teacher starts training a child, develops his good thoughts, body language, way of talking etc, etc. but as he grows he develops his own personality which may be good or bad. Developing ones personality enhances their appearance and brings in positive change in their attitude, gives new direction making them responsible for the decision they have taken. Your personality indeed affects your career, social bonding, and yourself too. No one would accept you if talk or respond negatively! Your attitude, behavior, body language etc all of them count in every aspect of your life. If you did notice that your personality needs improvement, here are few tips for your concern. Check yourself with people who are good in this aspect. See how they achieved their goals, fulfilled their commitments and did they fail? Or how challenging was it for them? There are individuals who inspire us in many ways. They spend their lifetime in working for cause but not applause. End of the day they leave people with a striking effect of morality and sensibility. They become the leaders and fill us with enthusiasm, zeal, courage, spirit of goodness. They live in the hearts of people though they aren’t alive.

Work on yourself, be consistent with your efforts, never give up, think positive, assess yourself and make possible changes, be honest with yourself, try to learn and appreciate people for their effort and good work, be expressive, tune in with your conscience, portray a generous and positive smile. A little check on your behavior here and there, positive attitude and listening skills will take you high! Check ReKruiTIn site for more such tips.

Saturday, 3 August 2013

How to Screen the Resume?

Got hell lot of resumes or cover pages to look at? Worried that you don’t have enough time to peek into every resume in the pile? Are you running short of time and getting worried probably because you have to make number of recruitments for the long day? Want to choose a perfect employee for your company and find some peace in doing so? Then here is the answer, resume screening! Resume screening gives you an opportunity to handle your responsibility with ease. Resume, which is nothing but a summary of your experiences and skills you possess, in relevance to the field of work or study that you wish to enter, is screened by most of the recruiters or hiring managers of various corporate offices, for an applicant with apt qualifications and good-to- have qualifications.

Let’s get into the details of “How to screen the resume?” resume screening is generally done by keeping few details in mind like apt qualifications, experience, work history, extra qualifications and skills. Make a check list of requirements for that particular job profile and proceed with the hunt for your perfect candidate. See that all the applications on your desk satisfy the requirements check list. Remove all those applications which fail in satisfying the requirements. Coming to the next step, sort all the applications under ‘yes’, ‘no’ and ‘may-be’ categories. Put all those people who absolutely satisfy all the requirements with some extra good qualifications for that profile. Later, all those who are not up to the mark go into the ‘no’ category. And those with qualifications and some extra skills can be put into ‘may be’ category. Now depending on number of candidates required for the recruitment, people can be categorized and placed accordingly. By this time you must have surely narrowed the list of number of applicants.

Coming to the third step of screening, give a point for the people with required qualifications and an extra point for those with extra qualifications. Then later on, rate each application by your checklist in both ‘yes’ and ‘may-be’ category and sum up for points at the end. Based on those points earned, you can screen the rest of them for that portal easily. Whoever scores well on the rate card put them into the final category of screening, according to the points earned by each. Lastly when you come to this category of final list, take second and look at the work history and experience of the candidates with good skills. Now here when you look into it precisely, eliminate people with bad work history records or say people who quit their jobs pretty frequently in short periods of time, gaps in employment, vague description of duties, grammar, etc, etc. Look out for the ones with a constant period of work history and skills.

Thus, after these levels of screening, you are sure to get a right candidate for that particular job portal. If you don’t find what exactly you are looking for, then see that you re- advertise for the same profile instead of choosing an unsatisfactory profile for your company.