Thursday, 16 May 2013

To Be Positive

We hear a lot that you need to have positive approach in life towards anything. It might be frustrating to hear this many times but your thinking makes the whole difference in all the aspects of your life. You might be happy at times and be unhappy some other time but all these are not due to the situations around you. It is all what happens in your mind that actually makes the difference. It is your way of approaching situations that make you happy or sad and not what actually happens. Hence positive thinking will always help you to be happy in life. Positive thinking can make the difference in a though of ‘how can I do it’ and ‘why can’t I do it’. This is why you often hear that you need to stay positive. As simple it is to say ‘be positive’, the difficult it is to actually implement it.

Situations get worst sometimes and these are the times when you are tested the most. It is easy to give up hope and do nothing. The harder way is to face the situation and still try to make something out of nothing. You learn many things from your bad times rather than your good times. Some might crack their first interview and some may take 3 or 4 or even more interviews to land in a job. Staying positive here means not to lose hope and have the self-belief that you can still do it. This helps you learn a lot from each failure. What you learn from your failures makes you a better person. For example, if you haven’t done well in you exams although you have put in your best effort. Sitting back and sorting out new ways to study so that you can score better next time will surely help you. You might even find a better way to study which requires lesser effort than what you used to put in before. This is how a positive going attitude helps you.

So one has to have that belief system to keep on working even if the hardships knocks one down, because that’s the only right way. But this doesn't mean that one has to be hopelessly positive, sometimes being practical is very vital. In situations like you are bankrupt, one can’t be positive and expect all the money to come back by itself. You have to be positive but still think practical scenarios possible. In these situations once has to understand that positivity has to be affected by practicality for the present age, cause without practicality it is vain to think about being positive without any gains, especially in your career. Hence in any situation you cannot get the positive attitude going easily. You will have to think about some other motivating factor which can help you get your positive thinking back. Suppose you are in search of a good job, then you have to think positive to get it. There are many job search engines which help you to find the right job and also give proper guidance to the job seeker so that they can have a great career. 

Sunday, 5 May 2013

Job Posting Benefits

We all know that if there is an opening in any company, they will post it in the internet. But not many take these online posts seriously. It is mainly because we do have the confidence that these online posts can land us in a job. Mainly because this is accessible to many, you will expect the competition to be too high and you might not get the job. The other reason is that you think that the postings are not genuine and the company just takes your resume and will not respond later. But these are just assumptions. There are numerous job posts online which are true and the companies are searching for quality candidates. All the companies that post for job vacancies online have to pay to the websites. This proves that the company is serious in recruiting. Almost all of the online job portals are genuine and you will see the numerous benefits of these online job postings. One may think that the jobs provided are filled by candidates who go through reference or through back door, but the ones provided by trustworthy websites do lead in to good job postings.

For a job seeker, when he / she wants to apply for a vacancy post in a company through an online job portal, all you need to do is to upload your resume and your application process. This saves a lot of time of both job seekers and the employers also. A job seeker does not need to go all way to a company just to give their resume. Similarly the employer also has to arrange facilities to the people coming to apply and keep a manual check on many aspects. With online process employer can avoid such issues and can save both time and money. These shows how much ease the online job postings provide to both the employers and the job seekers. Another benefit to post vacancies online is you can easily access all the details without getting out of your home. You can access all information and apply for the desired one by few clicks. When compared to the strenuous process of submitting your application in the company that is a comfortable process. Various job search engines give accurate data about the jobs, the description about the job and can apply for it only if you are interested. If you get to the company and you are offered another job later, you can claim if the job given is not similar to the one given in description in the website. Hence it is preferable to search for jobs through well - known reliable job search engine rather than to register oneself in any website where they promise a lot, but don’t deliver.

If you search online, you can see many job portals which have numerous job posts related to various fields. You have good guidance regarding aspects such as how to prepare for an interview and also how to clear it. Hence it is very beneficial for any job seeker to register in online job portals.

                                                                                                                    -By ReKruiTIn

Thursday, 2 May 2013

Tips to Search Quality Candidates

There are many websites and blogs which help a job seeker to find a job. As important it is for a job seeker to find the right job so it is important for the employer also to find quality candidates. There are many criterions which have to be considered before they select the right candidate to fill the open vacancy. If the candidate cannot fulfill his part of work correctly then it might even cause huge loss for the company. Hence the process followed by any employer while hiring candidates must give be fit enough to find a candidate who can fulfill all the duties assigned to them with efficiency. The first and the foremost thing which an employer should look for in any candidate is if they have zeal and desire in the job. May times it happens that a person might not be seriously interested in the work and is only doing for his/ her livelihood or for having a better living. This won’t help the company much as such candidates will not show great interest in new works coming or putting extra effort when needed. The quality of work also might vary. The passion for work matters, as much as the skill set.

To search for a quality candidate one has to put in many rounds for assessing the skills required. For example, if a skill set is required in the IT industry, one has to check the individual’s technical skills, while also checking his English speaking skills and also inter personal skills. If one candidate is taken without any social skills or without him having the passion to work in the field he applied for, it is a loss to the company. An employer should see that the candidate has good confidence levels. This is a very important factor as this shows that the candidate has self-belief. So when any new challenging tasks are assigned to such candidates, you can expect a good result. At the same time one must be careful to see that the candidate shouldn’t be over-confident. Such candidates may have the skill set to do the job required, but this over-confidence leads to misunderstandings with the fellow employees and also proven to deter the performance of the candidate himself.

If one chooses a candidate who has a good skills set, without good confidence levels this may lead to the candidate not scaling up to the mark or not completing a task given. This is because the candidate doesn’t have self-belief in himself / herself to go forward with their decisions. If the employers take care of all these criterions, he/ she are sure to get a candidate who can live up to the expectations. In general any employer goes for a job portal to search for candidates can get many resumes from which they can easily find a good employee or employees according to their needs. Initially the employer has to compare all applications to take good one from it.

                                                                                                                                                       - By ReKruiTIn